The toilet is the one plumbing fixture in your home that you always need working correctly! Toilets require regular maintenance due to wear and tear from regular use, and sometimes toilet leaks may go unnoticed, as not all leaks can be seen. If you do spot a leak, hear a prolonged hissing noise or experience a change in your toilets normal operation, we can provide expert advice on repairing or replacing your toilet if necessary.


Common causes of toilet problems/leaks

If you can no longer flush the toilet, or it won’t stop running or you find any leaks or cracks it’s best to get 4 Elements Plumbing to check it before it can cause bigger problems like flooding in your home. Common causes of leaking and faults in toilets include;

  • A broken outlet valve or buttons that prevent the toilet from flushing properly
  • A perished outlet washer that causes water to constantly trickle into the bowl
  • Broken/perished seals that cause water leakage at the base of the cistern or bowl and onto the floor
  • A faulty inlet valve that won’t shut the water off once the cistern is filled up causing the water to overflow into the bowl
  • A burst flexible hose on the water inlet to the cistern, if your flexible hose shows signs of rust it must be replaced immediately to prevent possible flooding of your home.


How 4 Elements Plumbing can help

4 Elements Plumbing can come quickly to your home and find out what the problem is with your toilet. Firstly we will check where the leak is coming from and replace the faulty items. If your toilet is beyond repair or you’re looking to upgrade to a new one, we can help you select something within your budget, remove your old toilet and order and install the new toilet.

We will usually be able to fix most toilet problems on the spot with a fully stocked maintenance vehicle, unless you need a replacement, and have your toilet working again in no time.

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