You may think a leaking tap is nothing to worry about, or you may try to fix it yourself. However delaying this smaller plumbing repair, or fixing it incorrectly can lead to long term damage, and can increase your water bill. A dripping tap can waste up to 2000 litres of water in a year!


Common causes of leaking taps

It is easy to recognise that you have a dripping tap, it will keep dripping and will be difficult to turn off. Common causes of leaking taps include;

  • Failed mixer cartridge
  • Broken or worn tap washer that can no longer completely stop the flow of water
  • Erosion of brass seats that the washer sits on, these require a special tool to repair
  • Failure of O-rings and fibre washers that cause leaking from the tap spindle and into the wall


How 4 Elements Plumbing can help

Our team will come out and detect the cause of the leaking tap, then replace any faulty washers, cartridges or O-rings. If the tap itself is not damaged, we will re-seat the tap body, or if you need a new tap we can replace it for you. We can source the new tapware for you if you prefer and install it in a professional manner.

Our services also include repairs and installations for kitchen mixer taps and water hammer diagnosis and repair.

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