Hot Water System Installation & Repairs

The team at 4 Elements Plumbing are highly trained and qualified to conduct hot water system installation and repairs.  So if you suddenly have no hot water, call us today and we will sort out the problem quickly as nobody likes to be without hot water for too long especially in those winter months.


Common problems with hot water systems

Hot water systems are full of scalding hot water and connected to gas or electricity, so please don’t try and fix the problem, wait for us to arrive! Common problems with hot water systems include;

  • A failed thermostat or element of an electric hot water system that leaves your home without hot water
  • A failed Temperature and Pressure Relief valve that causes water to constantly run out of its relief pipe
  • A corroded tank that ruptures potentially flooding your home
  • A corroded tank that causes brown water to come through the hot taps in the house. This is a tell-tale sign of a tank on its way out
  • A pilot light that has gone out on a gas storage hot water tank

Types of Hot Water Systems We Install or Repair

  • Instantaneous hot water system
  • Electric Instant hot water system
  • Gas & portable gas hot water system
  • Solar hot water system

How 4 Elements Plumbing can help

4 Elements Plumbing can repair, service or replace your electric, gas and solar hot water systems, whether it’s a small tank for your home, or a large flow and return system for a commercial space.

We will detect what is causing the problem, and fix or replace broken/faulty parts so that your system is working before we leave. If you need a new hot water system installed, we will recommend you a system which will best suit your needs and budget, and help keep your hot water bills in check.

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