4 Elements Plumbing are able to inspect your drain blockage and locate the specific cause of your problem with the help of our specialised CCTV camera equipment.

The camera is mounted of the end of a long fibre optic cable, which then gets pushed down into the drain, we are then able to see the inside of the pipe on a monitor which enable us to help detect the problem. We can then use a locator, which gives us the precise location to dig, this saves you a large sum of money on a dig up and a mess in your garden!


Common causes for a drain inspection

  • Rising damp
  • Stormwater blockages
  • Land subsidence
  • Re-occurring sewer blockages


How 4 Elements Plumbing can help

We will come and investigate your blocked drain with our specialised CCTV camera equipment as soon as possible, not acting on a blocked drain will only make the issue bigger and more costly.

Once we arrive at your location, we use the CCTV camera to help us identify the exact source and location of the problem. We will be upfront about the time and costs involved in clearing your blocked drain and if necessary the associated costs in replacing or renewing damaged pipes.

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