4 Elements Plumbing are fully accredited, insured and trained Backflow Prevention plumbers. If you need a Sydney Water required Backflow prevention device installed at your home or business we can provide the install, and we also can complete the required initial and annual test and submission to Sydney Water Authority.


Common causes of backflow

The water supply system is designed to make sure that water flows to your property under pressure. If the water pressure is not maintained, there is a chance it may be drawn back into the water main, with the potential to contaminate the drinking supply.

  • Water pressure can be affected when;
  • A break in the water main
  • Heavy use downstream reduces the water pressure upstream
  • You are using your water at a higher pressure than supplied by Sydney Water
  • The water mains are being worked on by Sydney Water


How 4 Elements Plumbing can help

4 Elements Plumbing can come to your home or business to install a backflow device or provide the annual testing that you require to be compliant.

Backflow can become a horrible problem which can cause major health risks if you do not get it installed or checked regularly by a licensed plumber. 4 Elements Plumbing are certified backflow prevention specialists that can assist you with your backflow requirements.

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